Avoid 10 Points that Become Refusal Reasons for Your Graduate Visa 485

Avoid 10 Points that Become Refusal Reasons for Your Graduate Visa 485
Posted by admin
on July 18, 2022

If you are an international student who has already finished your initial studies in Australia, you might be looking for another option to live in Australia. In this case, you can make arrangements for a temporary graduate visa subclass 485. This visa can be a great option for you to extend your stay in Australia.

Before you apply for this visa, you need to go through some important aspects of it. If you do not have proper knowledge regarding this visa, your visa subclass 485 might even be rejected. Such situations can pose several problems for you; in this blog, you will know some of the reasons that can lead to your visa refusal.

Points to Avoid for Temporary Graduate Visa 485 Refusal

To help you avoid making a mistake on your visa application and prevent the chances of a delay or refusal, you will be provided with the top reasons why temporary graduate visas are refused. You will also know how it will affect your chances of applying again for a visa.

Late Submission of a Visa Application

For a successful visa application, you need to apply for the visa within six months of having an eligible Australian student visa and completing your chosen course. An important thing you need to note is that you should not confuse the completion date.

You need to be certain that the date mentioned is when your final exam is completed and not the graduation date. In such cases, it is better to consult an Adelaide migration agent.

Choosing the Inappropriate Graduate Visa Stream

There are two pathways or streams in the temporary graduate visa 485, the Graduate work stream and the post-study work stream. It is said that the Post-study work stream is favourable for several reasons.

But if you choose the wrong stream that does not fit your requirements, you may get your visa refused or even your application cancelled. You might not be eligible for the post-study work stream due to the following reasons:

  • First student visa – If you have already held a student visa that you applied for before 5 November 2011, you might not be eligible for a post-study work stream visa.
  • This will cover dependent students and studies of any type, including school or English courses. The important date is the date you applied and not the grant date.
  • Type of qualification– If you did not complete qualifications at a Bachelor’s, Masters or PhD level in Australia, you would not be eligible to apply from the post-study work stream.

If you have completed a Certificate III or Diploma in Australia, you can be eligible for the Graduate 485 work stream visa. But for that, you need to pass a skills assessment in an IFSOL occupation.

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Incomplete/Fraudulent Documents

An important step in getting your 485 visas approved is to know the graduate visa document checklist and provide all the documents when the immigration authorities ask you to do so.

If you fail to do so or if there is any mistake, the visa authorities have the right to refuse your application. If the department requests you any further documents or applications, you need to respond to them within a specific period before the deadline.

But if you cannot comply within the given period, you may need to ask them to give you more time. But even after that, if you fail to follow the application dates to deposit your needed documents, your application may be rejected.

Enquiry by Australian Federal Police

During the visa application, you and all your 16 years and above dependents need to show that they applied for an AFP within a year of the 485 visa application.

If you want to meet this requirement, you have to put the AFP receipt number on the application form for your visa and a copy of the AFP request check and payment receipt.

Failure to Fulfil English Proficiency Requirements

Unless you possess a passport from Ireland, the UK, USA, New Zealand or Canada, you must complete an English test before you lodge your 485 visa application. It is essential not to leave this for the last minute as you may need to wait long for a testing date.

Many students find that they do not get the score they expect the first time they sit for the test. This is why giving yourself some time to sit for the test again before your student visa expires is a good idea.

The temporary graduate visa (subclass 485) English requirement is important for this visa. If you cannot provide a passing score before lodging the visa application, your application may be refused even if you pass the test later.

Inability to Satisfy Australian Study Requirements

You need to follow the Australian authorities’ graduate study requirements. You must complete a diploma, degree or trade qualification in Australia, and you must reside in Australia for at least 16 months between the start of your course and completion dates.

If the dates are inappropriate, it can lead to your visa being refused, and another essential requirement is that you need to be enrolled in a 2-year academic course for at least 92 weeks as per CRICOS. If you cannot figure out the Australian study requirements on your own, you can take the help of a migration agent in Adelaide.

Health Insurance

You must show that you have made proper arrangements in Australia regarding health insurance to meet the 485 visa criteria. This needs you to show evidence at various stages of the application cycle, such as:

  • At lodgement– You need to provide evidence of health cover, and in this case, it needs to be Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
  • During processing– You also need to show that you have maintained health cover during processing. This can either be the OSHC or OVHC after your student visa expires.
  • On Grant– You will need to have OVHC as OSHC will not be enough.

While on your 485 visa– Your 485 visa can be subjected to a condition that needs to maintain your health cover. This can be an OVHC or Medicare if you apply for permanent residency. But if you fail to do so, it might result in the cancellation of your 485 visas.

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Failure to Fulfil Skills Assessments

For the graduate work stream, you must acquire a positive skills assessment in your nominated occupation to be granted the visa. Some points important for the requirement are:

  • The skills assessment needs to be positive during the date of the decision. This would be the date of the decision for your initial visa application by the department of immigration.

But if your application is refused, you can appeal to the AAT, providing you more time to submit a positive skills assessment.

Time Spent in Australia

You need to be physically present in Australia for at least 16 months between your course’s end and the completion date. This can be a problem if you have completed your course early or spend a lot of time outside during your studies.

Lack of Understanding of Section 48 Bars

If your 485 application is refused, you might be able to apply from within Australia for another visa. This is due to the operation of Section 48 of the Migration Act. Section 48 will apply if you currently live in Australia under a bridging visa and have had your visa refused since entering Australia the last time.

You can only have six months from the date of completion to lodge your 485 visas, and you only have one chance to do it right. One simple mistake can lead to losing your opportunity to acquire a 485 visa.

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