Things to Remember While Travelling To Australia with ETA 601

Things to Remember While Travelling To Australia with ETA 601
Posted by adelaidemigrationagent on July 14, 2020

ETA or Electronic Travel Authority Subclass Visa 601 is a popular visa, which is provided by the Australian government to people from all nations. It is a digital document, which is available electronically and will prevent individuals from supply paper applications to the embassy. Most of the foreign nationals must carry a certain type of visa before they pay a visit to Australia, but this condition is not required for the citizens of New Zealand. The visa subclass 601 is available for only 8 countries and European nationals can take the help of the eVisitor Subclass 651 visa.

Some Of The Things One Needs To Know About The ETA Visa 601

The best thing about this visa is that within 12 months you can visit Australia many times and also get to stay within the nation for 3-months. For such benefits, many of the travelers opt for this particular visa and enjoy their time in this beautiful country. Experts have provided information saying that between July 1ST 2019 and 31st December 2019, almost 2,769,181 tourist group visas got granted, which happens to be a 0.8% increase in comparison to 2018.

Out of that, a total of 1,323, 839 ETA Subclass 601 visas were granted. Countries like the UK or the United Kingdom do not require a visa to visit Australia, but the UK citizens can apply for an ETA Subclass 601 visa instead. There are several things that one needs to know about the ETA 601 visa before they think of obtaining one. To learn about the requirements and how exactly this particular visa works, this document will cover all the information.

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What Are The Requirements For The ETA Visa 601?

The ETA Subclass Visa 601 Requirements need to be fulfilled properly and correctly and some of the requirements are mentioned below.

  1. Individuals or citizens who are eligible can opt for the ETA 601 visa for Australia through the online platform easily. The application form, which will be provided to all applicants, must provide their complete and true name along with their personal information.
  2. Data that is provided on the passport information page will also be required and it is also important to indicate whether the stay is for business or tourism-related purposes.
  3. It is also important to provide the details for the debit or credit card so that the applicant can pay up the application fee for the ETA visa subclass 601 without any issues. Before he/she applies for the ETA visa, they must fulfill all the requirements for both health and character.
  4. If an individual has served jail-time for over a year then he/she is not eligible for the ETA 601 visa. They can apply for another type of visa or a visitor visa as a replacement. If individuals are visiting Australia along with their family members then each of them needs to apply for an ETA 601 visa, separately.
  5. It is requested to all the candidates that they check each of the documents and information before they submit it online. If there is a spelling mistake or detail is incorrect then the processing time might take longer than usual.
  6. Applicants also need to provide their original and valid email address as they will be receiving their ETA 601 visa in their email itself in the form of a PDF file. Once the applicants receive their ETA Subclass 601 visa, they must print a copy of it so that they can present it at the border control when entering the nation.
  7. If you are experiencing any type of issue when applying for this visa, the Registered Migration Agent Adelaide will help and guide you in this area. They will explain to you the procedure on how to apply for the visa and provide you with all the information on the requirements that are needed to be fulfilled.

What One Can Do With An ETA 601 Visa?

With the help of this particular visa, individuals can perform quite a few activities.

  1. Apart from visiting family and friends, ETA 601 visa holders can use for holidaying in Australia or go on a cruise ship.
  2. The visa will also allow individuals to come and study in the country and get to complete their respective training courses.
  3. People who participate in volunteer work can also perform such activity in Australia with the help of this visa. Individuals can visit the country through this visa for business purposes as well.
  4. They will get the chance to attend meetings, conferences, business parties, seminars, and trade fairs as well. You can always take the help of the professional and experienced Migration Agent Adelaide if you experience any type of issue in understanding or want to learn more about this visa.

The Fees And Processing Time For The ETA Subclass 601

There are a total of three options namely the standard processing time, rush processing time, and super rush processing time.

  1. Under the standard processing time, it will cost you US$20 and will take one business day to process.
  2. The rush processing time option will charge you with US$40 and the visa processing time will be 4-hours.
  3. Lastly, the super rush processing time will take 1-hour to process your visa and will cost you US$70. You can choose any one of the options according to your requirements.

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What Are Some Of The Restrictions That You Need To Follow?

The ETA Subclass 601 visa will provide all interested individuals with plenty of benefits, but to receive all these benefits there are several restrictions that they need to follow. Some of the most important restrictions are provided below.

Parting Thoughts!

The ETA Subclass 601 Visa is provided to individuals of all ages and it will give them the chance to perform various types of activities when they visit the nation for business or vacation. But all the applicants must follow all the steps and regulations that are required to obtain this visa and fulfill all its requirements. For any professional assistance, the best Migration Agent Adelaide will always be there!

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