Here Are The Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Registered Migration Agent Adelaide

Here Are The Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Registered Migration Agent Adelaide
Posted by Migration Agent Adelaide
on August 12, 2021

Both the application procedure and Australian migration laws are much complex. An international individual may not be fully aware of the specific details about the system. The current situation is also changing, and amid such a situation, it is always better to hire a Registered Migration Agent Adelaide. With their years of first-hand experience and knowledge, they will make sure you get the best outcome.

You may choose to lodge your visa application without the help of a migration agent from Adelaide. It will save you a little amount of money. But to keep that meagre amount, you may face more loss if one mistake is found in the visa application as the application procedure is highly complex. You will be stunned to hear that you will need to spend around $5K to $10K to appeal for rectification or lodge a new visa application.

This cost may be even higher if you want to leave Australia. Self-application also leads to unnecessary delay, resulting in a delay in getting benefits like university fees, medi-care benefits, stamp duty concessions on buying homes, and school fees.

Who Is A Migration Agent?

A migration agent is a skilled professional who is an expert in the field of migration law. To get registered, they should meet the specified standards of minimum competency. They are controlled by the OMARA, which stands for the ‘Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority’ and are included in the Register of Migration Agents.

As per rules, an immigration agent Adelaide or anywhere else in Australia must maintain a Code of Conduct as they do their work. They should also be well aware of any changes made in migration law and keep themselves updated by finishing CPD (Continuing Professional Development) activities. In addition, they need to reapply for their registration annually.

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Top 5 Reasons To Hire An Experienced Migration Agent

Now, what are the specific reasons to choose an experienced migration agent? Or, what are the benefits they can offer in your visa application? That is what we have explained here.

  • Knowledge and Expertise

    We had already mentioned more than once that the application procedure for a visa is legally complicated. It means that you have to go through much legal jargon in which you should have a complete understanding. There are many legal specifications you will come across, and if you do not know the meaning, only making an assumption can lead to a grave mistake and eventual rejection of the visa.

    On the other hand, if you talk with any migration consultant Adelaide, you will find their expertise in the legal proceedings and application requirements. Because of their years of experience, they can make you aware of all the legal requirements, tell you which documents will be appropriate as solid evidence, and help you fill out the form correctly. And, as the situation is constantly evolving, it has become more important for them to be updated.

    One thing to note here is that all migration agents are not lawyers. Still, all the Australian migration agents must have a Migration Law certificate and have registration with the MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority). If you hire a lawyer migration agent, they can offer you an additional advantage. And that is representing their clients in front of the court if they want to appeal the Immigration Department’s decision to reject the visa.

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  • Solve Complex Issues

    Your visa application can be more complicated than usual, and it is not unnatural. Your application may get denied, or your visa may get cancelled for some reasons, which you may not figure out correctly. A migration agent will be a great help in such a situation. They can detect the exact reasons behind the refusal and provide you with the specific service to successfully apply for the same or another visa.
  • Removes Stress and Time

    Many people think that applying for a visa is an easy process involving filling out some forms and submitting a few documents. And, they make a big mistake. While applying, you have to be very careful about correctly filling out each form, giving evidence for every information you have mentioned. You need to communicate with the Immigration Department of Australia constantly. You can understand how lengthy and stressful the task can be.

    The simple way to reduce this stress is by contacting a migration services agency operating in Adelaide. You can get support from the most qualified migration professional who can guide you in every step. And, you will have the greatest peace of mind to know your application in the safest of hands.

    They can also save you from unnecessary delays, which are generally caused when the Department asks for additional information. As the migration agents know exactly what you need, they will upload every document to ensure a complete application.
  • Secure and Reliable

    A Visa application is a legal procedure, and thus you should look for the agent who will be able to provide you with the most security. So, we always recommend contacting a MARA-registered agent as they possess a sufficient level of knowledge and can help you according to your specific requirements. You can easily find them on the website of MARA, thus avoiding intervention by an unregistered agent.
  • Higher Success Rate for Visa Approval

    Some migration agencies have an average success rate of more than 95%, attributed to the knowledge and expertise their agents possess. When you look at the list of visas available for you, you may get confused and choose the wrong one for you. But, with the help of a migration agent, you can always select the correct one.

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