Tourist Visa Australia Requirements – A Comprehensive Blog

Tourist Visa Australia Requirements – A Comprehensive Blog
Posted by admin
on January 5, 2024

In this blog, you will learn more about the tourist visa Australia requirements. Sometimes, there may be a lot of confusing requirements when it comes to Australian tourist visas. The requirements vary by visa type, so some may be mandatory while others are optional. It will be easier for applicants to apply if they are already aware of the documents and the associated procedures. 

Let us begin by talking about the essential documents:

Documents Required For Tourist Visa Australia

Are you a tourist or family of someone residing in Australia? Let me introduce you to the tourist visitor visa, commonly referred to as subclass 600. Apply for this visa if you travel to Australia or visit your family or friends there. It permits a stay of up to 12 months. Below is the list of documents for tourist visa requirements for Australia

  • Passport
  • Paid visa fee
  • National identity card
  • One identity picture
  • Australian visa form
  • Family certificate
  • Police certificate
  • Health insurance
  • Evidence of financial means
  • Evidence of temporary stay
  • Authorized recipient form
  • Employer permission letter
  • Invitation letter
  • Accommodation reservation
  • Detailed Itinerary

Documents For Australia Visit Visa

Have a business meeting in Australia? A visitor visa is for those travelling to Australia for business or tourism purposes. Generally, it allows a stay of 3 months, but in some circumstances, one can stay up to 12 months in Australia. 

Below are some Australia visit visa requirements. Here is the list of documents you would need when applying for a tourist visa to Australia:

  • Passport (validity of 3-6 months from the departure date)
  • Subclass 600 visa application form
  • Photocopies and original documents
  • Passport-size photo 
  • Travel health insurance
  • Accommodation reservation
  • Proof of financial means
  • Confirmed return tickets

The Australia visa can take up to two weeks to process. A delay can occur if the information provided is insufficient or incorrect.

Documents For Tourist Visa With A Sponsor

There are some different requirements for a tourist visa in Australia with a sponsor. Below is the list of documents for tourist visa Australia requirements with sponsor:

  • Passport (validity of 3-6 months from the departure date)
  • Photocopies and original documents
  • Confirmed return tickets
  • Proof of financial means
  • Photocopies and original documents
  • Passport-sized photo 
  • Accommodation reservation
  • Travel health insurance
  • Proof of relationship or sponsorship document

There is a difference in validity depending on what type of family subclass visa you apply for. The latest information can be found on the home affairs official website. It may take up to two weeks to process. 

Identity Documents

The identity documents required for tourist visas in Australia include the national identity card and passport. The page of your current passport should show your photo, passport issue date, passport expiration date, and your personal details. You can also provide proof of name change if it is applicable. Proof of name change can include a marriage certificate or divorce certificate. Name change documents from the Australian Registry of births, marriages, and death or any relevant authority.

Genuine Visitor Documents

It is better to show as much proof as you can show for your temporary visit. This can include proof of having enough money to stay in Australia, such as pay slips, audited accounts, credit card limits, tax records, or personal bank statements. If applicable, then carry the relative or friend invitation letter for Australia. The letter can state the relationship, purpose of visiting, days you stay or you stay with them, or if your relative or friend will pay for your stay or provide proof of the funds they have.

Here are a few reasons you should return home:

  • Employer letter stating you plan to return to work
  • Your proof of a home country school, college, or university
  • You must have proof that your family is in your home country
  • Your return home is proof of your capability
  • Proof that you own a house in your native country or other major assets.

Character Documents Or Additional Documents

In case of military service or discharge papers, please provide them. Applicants who wish to apply for valid visas for more than 12 months, including parents and step-parents of Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible New Zealanders, should provide us with a letter stating. You are the parent or stepfather of an Australian, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealander and wish to apply for a more extended visa. Proof of citizenship or permanent residency for your child is also required. You might be asked to provide proof of valid health insurance.

For High-Risk Countries- Financial Documents Or Employment Details

  • Statements from personal and business bank accounts showing consistent savings.
  • Please provide copies of any other documents proving the existence of other funds or assets.
  • Documents related to taxation for the last three years
  • Providing evidence of the relative’s financial capacity and support is necessary – for example, a letter of invitation, bank statement, and tax return – if a friend/relative is paying for your visit.
  • Whether a friend or a relative funds your travel, you must provide proof of your financial status. Your family’s financial situation is one factor that you consider when determining whether returning to your home country would benefit you.
  • A letter from your employer confirming your leave, showing your position and salary, and giving the name and contact details of the person providing the letter.
  • Self-employed: Register your business
  • An employer’s letter of retirement if you are retired.
  • The letter from your education institution proving your enrolment if you are a student.


How long will it take to get Australian tourist visa?

Processing Time

Processing times for the Australia Tourist Visa can be remarkably swift, with a potential turnaround as quick as 48 hours. On average, 75% of applications are processed within 21 days, while an impressive 90% of applications are typically processed within 34 days.


The immigration application, like the Visa 600 Australia process, is complex and time-consuming. There are many cases in which the Immigration Department may deny a visa application due to a simple error, mistake, or oversight. Meeting with an Adelaide migration agent lets you begin the process relatively pain-free with the right advice, assistance, and professional help. For a more easy and stress-less process for an Australia visa, look for reputed migration agents in Adelaide before you start the process.

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