Understanding the Requirements for a 482 Visa in Australia!

Understanding the Requirements for a 482 Visa in Australia!
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on April 2, 2024

In recent years, skilled workers from around the world have been drawn to Australia because of the stunning landscapes, vibrant cities, and robust economy. The Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa, also known as the 482, is a popular choice for those who dream of starting a new chapter in their career in the country. The purpose and eligibility criteria for the 482 Visa, along with its application process and 482 visa Australia requirements, are all covered in this comprehensive guide.

Four streams of 482 visa

This visa, commonly known as the Temporary Talent Shortage Visa or TSS Visa Australia, is intended to address talent shortages in the Australian labour market. The 482 visa Australia consists of four streams:

  1. Short-term visa stream: This permits skilled people to work in Australia for up to two or four years, depending on whether an International Trade Obligation applies.
  2. Medium-term visa stream: This permits skilled workers to work in Australia for a maximum of four years. It may potentially lead to permanent residency, provided the worker passes the qualifying requirements.
  3. Labour Agreement visa stream: This enables skilled workers to work in Australia via a labour agreement arranged by the Australian government and a business.
  4. Subsequent entrant: Close family members of the principal Australia TSS visa holders may apply for a family visa (even if they previously held a subclass 457 visa) to join the primary applicant as later entrants under temporary skill shortage visa subclass 482. It allows you to work, study, and reside in Australia. You can move in and out of Australia as freely as possible while your visa is valid.

Above are the four streams of the TTS visa and employer-sponsored visa 482 that you need to know about. 

Steps for Obtaining a TSS 482 visa

Below are three steps for obtaining a TSS 482 visa in Australia:

  1. A sponsorship application from the employer (the company must be a legal, operational, and running firm that follows local labour and employment regulations).
  2. The second stage of the application procedure is the nomination application. This applies to the post to be filled, wage information, efforts to employ Australian workers and the ‘genuineness’ of the position. The firm must also be financially sustainable to attract international sponsorship.
  3. A visa application from the nominated employee. The visa applicant must demonstrate that they possess the necessary abilities for their employment and meet health and character standards.

The steps that must be followed to fulfill the 482 visa requirements for employers are listed above.

Requirements for 482 Visa

Below are the 482 visa requirements:

  • Have a job offer.
  • A minimum of two years experience in the role
  • Genuine willingness to work in the specified role.
  • Qualifications related to the role.
  • Adequate plans for health insurance.
  • Meet the health, character, and English criteria.

TSS nomination (position) requirements

Below are the requirements for TSS nomination (position) or visa 482 requirements:

  • A true full-time employment.
  • Work in the sponsor’s business, except an affiliated entity.
  • Remuneration in accordance with market rates, not less than $70,000.
  • Subject to Labour Market Testing unless exemptions apply.
  • On the applicable occupational listings.

Why Subclass 482 visa?

Below are the reasons why you should apply for visa subclass 482:

  • Four years living and working in Australia
  • The possibility of studying in the country
  • Visas can be issued to family members of candidates
  • The candidate may travel to and from the country as he or she pleases
  • The country offers permanent residency to eligible candidates

Eligibility for Temporary Skills Shortage Visa (TSS Visa)

Below are the eligibility for applying for Temporary Skills Shortage Visa:

  • A standard business sponsor has approved your sponsorship
  • An Australian government-approved skilled occupation has been nominated
  • An approved standard business sponsor must nominate you for a position that requires the required skills
  • Registration/License requirements (if applicable)
  • Nominated occupation is the only occupation eligible for employment
  • Ensure health, character, and other skills are met
  • Provide adequate health insurance, unless Medicare covers you
  • You can include your family members, children, and partner

Documents Required for Australia Work Permit Visa

All of these documents are necessary for a temporary work permit visa to Australia from India. The broad document list is provided below:

  • Copy of the original passport with the relevant travel information.
  • Include two photographs, proof of job experience in in-demand occupations, and data on essential skills and certifications.
  • Positive Skill Assessment
  • Required Educational credentials range from bachelor’s degree to doctorate degree.
  • English language test results and police clearance certificate.
  • Medical records and proper health insurance
  • Assessing spouse’s skills (if accompanying)
  • Completed online visa application form.
  • Required papers include proof of money for travel and self-support, as well as paperwork for spouses and children if applying as a family.

Processing time of 482 Visa 

The time required to process Visa 482 Australia varies. If you provide all of the necessary papers and follow the instructions exactly, 75% of short-term visa applications are processed within 36 days and 90% within 61 days. The medium-term stream moves slightly quicker, with 75% of applications completed within 33 days and 90% within 49 days.

What is the maximum period of stay for a 482 visa?

Generally, a 482 visa allows you to stay for up to four years. However, if you hold a short-term stream visa 482, your visa is only valid for two years. If an ITO is issued, your short-term stream visa will be valid for four years. An international trade obligation, or ITO, applies if you are:

  • An intra-corporate transferee.
  • An intra-company transfer from Singapore or Thailand.
  • A citizen of China.
  • An autonomous executive.
  • A contract supplier.
  • A contract provider from Thailand.

482 Visa Conditions

To keep your 482 visa, you must comply with the following conditions:

  • You must start working within 90 days of arriving in Australia or receiving your visa (if you apply from within the country).
  • You must only work in your specified occupation.
  • You are not permitted to take more than 60 days off work in a row.
  • You may only work for the company that nominated you (unless you are exempt).


Employers can hire skilled workers with TSS 482 visas to meet labour shortages where they cannot find Australians with appropriate skills. During temporary skill shortages, foreign workers are employed to fill the gap, while Australian workers receive priority. A pathway to permanent residency exists for holders of a 482 TSS visa working in their nominated occupation. For more information, contact immigration agent adelaide today!

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