Visa Entitlement Verification – VEVO Check Information

Visa Entitlement Verification – VEVO Check Information
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on August 4, 2023

The visa verification process is crucial for employers, foreign nationals, and government organisations. And the procedure is now more streamlined, secure, and available thanks to the launch of Vevo, or Visa Entitlement Verification Online. In Australia, the term “right-to-work check” is frequently used to describe Vevo visa check.

You must submit a Vevo check if you are not an Australian citizen and decide to work there. Employers can certify that your visa status allows you to work in the position by running a Vevo check on you.

Meaning Of Vevo Australia Visa Check

Visa Entitlement Verification Online is known as VEVO. Through a website or mobile app, it’s a mechanism that enables you to check the details and status of your visa online. It’s an efficient and useful way to acquire important visa information, especially if you’re travelling to Australia.

Australia maintains an electronic visa system to make it necessary for visa holders to carry visa labels on their passports. Additionally, Vevo online websites let users check the status of their visa applications and frequently offer extra details. Such data, however, varies from one nation to another.

People can use the Vevo official portal to check the status of their visas under Australian immigration legislation. Because visa applicants may verify if they have received their visas for themselves, it is clear that there is a role in visa verification. Additionally, it features a hassle-free online method.

The Advantages of VEVO

You can review some of Vevo’s advantages while learning more about it by reading the list below.

  • The visa stamp in your passport won’t be necessary if you have a visa to register for a Vevo check.
  • You don’t have to visit the immigration office to know your visa status. Instead, if you have access to the internet, you can do it from any location.
  • You can track a visa application Australia and make plans appropriately.
  • Additionally, firms can determine your ability to work by running a Vevo visa check to speed up hiring and recruiting.

The process to check visa status online with Vevo

The VEVO check services are not now a part of Australia National Character Check’s operations. However, businesses and employers can easily obtain Vevo visa check Australia for their employees through our business portal.

The Department of Home Affairs is currently the route to take when applying. Apply through their online application platform. On their website, you may also find more reliable information.

There are various steps to finishing this process if you’re wondering how to check my visa status online with Vevo. However, before beginning, be sure to have the documents that will be necessary to obtain your information. These are listed below.

Transaction Reference Number(TRN): 

You must obtain this number if you apply for a visa online. In your ImmiAccount, on the ‘online lodgement summary’ screen, if you forget, you can regenerate it.

Visa Grant Number:

This number will probably be on the letter notifying you of the issuance of your visa, which you may get through email or regular mail. However, it can’t be used to request a new visa.

Start your verification process with the following steps after obtaining these numbers.

Step 1:

Go to the Australian Immigration website. Click on the “Please choose document type” from the menu.

Step 2: 

Select “Immicard” from the drop-down menu. It will launch a fresh page.

Step 3: 

Complete the form by entering all necessary information, including the reference number, Visa Grant number, Date of Birth, and Immicard number. “Submit” button.

You can check the current status of your visa on the new page that appears after finishing the above procedure.

Conditions for submitting a Vevo application

If you want to request your Vevo, you must provide specific information. These are:

  • Birthdate
  • Immicard/passport number
  • Country name issuing passport

Also, any of the references of the following kind:

  • Grant of visa number: 

You can find the Vevo grant number check on the notification informing you that your visa application was successful.

  • TRN, or Transaction Reference Number

 If you submitted an ImmiAccount application or a visa application online where you served as the lead applicant

  • Visa Proof Number 

where you were able to get a physical copy of your visa as opposed to an electronic one.

  • Vevo Username: 

If you have contacted Vevo since arriving in Australia, you will already have a password for the service.

Consequences for hiring illegal workers in Australia

Everyone in your organisation—even potential employees—should have their VEVO profiles checked. It will shield your brand from legal action and hefty fines. Hiring an illegal immigrant puts your company’s safety and reputation in danger.

There will be $315,000 in fines and other penalties imposed on any company found to have employed anyone for breaking the law. Working illegally in Australia can result in charges for up to $63,000, five years in prison, or both. The Department of Home Affairs can collect fines from defaulting parties (organisations or individuals).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does a VEVO Check Australia demonstrate?

Vevo Australia visa tracking can effectively analyse your visa’s current status. However, this capability allows people to verify a variety of other details. Based on the government policies, the specifics typically vary from one country to another. For instance, in the Australian context, visa holders can use Vevo Australia to examine their employment rights and circumstances.

A Vevo examination yields pertinent data that may influence employment and duration. These consist of;

  • Visa type 
  • The expiry date for the applicant
  • “Must not arrive after” the day the Visa holder specifies.
  • The duration of the stay and the visa’s legal requirements
  • Restrictions on a Visa
  • Hours that the applicant may work base
  • Dependent’s name

Q. Which Organisations Have VEVO Registrations?

There are numerous organisations registered with VEVO online. These are listed here:

  • RMAs, or Registered Migration Agents
  • Employers
  • Labour providers
  • Education suppliers
  • Finance institutions
  • Shared economy businesses
  • Real estate agents
  • Government institutions
  • Telephone service providers

The Australian government has taken a novel step to make travelling to Australia more convenient. To check visa status Australia, passengers can visit VEVO’s official website and submit their information. Travellers can easily check their visa status using this straightforward approach from any location without encountering any issues.

Q. Which nations offer the Vevo visa check online facility?

The Australian government has developed an online visa verification system. However, many other nations have created the e-visa facility, including Singapore, Vietnam, Turkey, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India, etc. They will soon create VEVO for the whole public.

Q. Can I acquire a Vevo even though my Visa has expired?

Anyone whose visa is not “in effect” can’t view the data on their VEVO. There won’t be any VEVO data if a Bridging visa is valid after the substantive visa expires. Furthermore, an expired visa will not provide any VEVO data. You must secure a BE (Bridging Visa E) or renew your visa before it expires.


All visa holders can check the Australian visa (student visa 500) status and specifics of their visas due to a system set up by the Australian government called Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO). Additionally, visa holders can use this site to inform their employers or academic institutions about their visa status and requirements.

You can also use the My Vevo check app to have your visa status in your hand. However, a migration agent in Adelaide can guide you in checking your visa status.

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