What Are The Eligibility Criteria For Visa Subclass 887?

What Are The Eligibility Criteria For Visa Subclass 887?
Posted by Migration Agent Adelaide
on December 1, 2021

If the applicant wants to study in Australia and work together with it, then the Visa Subclass 887 is meant for that applicant.  This is a visa Australia that allows the applicant to stay permanently in Australia and work as well as study there. The applicant can even travel from and to Australia for a span of 5 years and become eligible to apply for citizenship of the country. In addition to that, the applicant can sponsor his/her relatives to come to this place with this 887 Visa Australia. The applicant can even enroll in Medicare, which is the public health care scheme in Australia. So if the applicant is looking to shift to Australia permanently then this is the visa for the applicant.

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Eligibility For 887 Visa Australia:

  • Age Limit: There is no eligibility with regard to the age limit for this subclass 887.
  • Visa: The applicant must have an eligible visa. For that, the applicant can contact a registered migration agent Adelaide.
  • Compliance: The applicant must comply with the conditions for skilled regional visa subclass 887 eligibility. If the applicant is or was holding the eligible visa, then the applicant should comply with the conditions associated with the visa.
  • Residence: There are two cases for this eligibility that are mentioned as follows:
    • If the applicant is nominated by a territory or state government then he must:
      • Should have eligibility for visa holder of Australia for a span of at least two years.
      • Must have resident for a minimum of two years in low population growth or regional metropolitan area.
    • If the applicant is sponsored by any of his family members then residence criteria are as follows:
      • Show is eligibility for visa holder for a duration of a minimum of two years.
      • Must have resident for a time period of a minimum of two years in a particular designated region of Australia.
  • Work requirement: if a person is looking to obtain this skilled visa, then the eligibility criteria is that the person should have worked for a minimum time span of 12 months. The person should have lived in Australia and worked on a full-time basis (35 hours or more in a week) for this time.
    The criteria are as follows:
    1. Must have lived in low population growth or a regional metropolitan area if the applicant is nominated by a territory or state government.
    2. Must have lived and worked in a particular region of Australia if the applicant is sponsored by any family member.
  • Health Requirement: The applicant or any family members associated with the applicant that is applying for the visa must meet the country’s health requirements for skilled regional visa 887. In some cases, the applicant might need to undergo a health examination and provide a medical certificate too.
  • Character requirement:  the applicant and any of their family members who are above the age of 16 years must comply with the character requirement of the country for visa application.
  • Australian values statement: The applicant is required to sign the statement of Australian values. The applicant must read or get explained about the Life in Australia booklet. The applicant must also confirm that he/she will respect the way of life of Australia and follow all the laws of Australia by signing the Australian Values Statement.
  • No Debt: The applicant must not hold any debt, on him from the Australian Government. If the applicant has any debt that he/she owes to the Australian Government then the applicant must pay it back or make a formal arrangement to repay it.
  • Not having a canceled visa or a refused visa application in the past: there are chances that the applicant might not be considered eligible for this visa if the applicant had canceled a visa or was refused a visa earlier when applied.

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Cost Of Visa Subclass 887: – 

The visa costs around AUD 425 for the main applicant. There is also the charge for the family member who is applying for the visa with the main applicant. The applicant might have to pay extra for an applicant who is 18 years older and who is having less functional English. This is the charge for the next installment fee. You have to pay it only when the applicant has asked for it.

The second installment fee is AUD 4890. The applicant might also have to pay other costs for police certificates, health checks, and biometrics.

If an applicant requires any type of assistance in the application and processing of this type of visa, then the applicant can contact a migration agent Adelaide. Migration agent knows all the terms and conditions associated with visa subclass 887 processing and can help the applicant to get it right in one go.


What are the requirements for a bridging visa 887?

When you submit your 887 application, you must have one year of work experience in a certain regional area. You will also be unable to add work experience once you have lodged. The candidate, like the residence criteria, can accumulate 1 year of labor over many shorter time periods.

What is the minimum IELTS score required for an 887 visa?

What English language abilities are required for an 887 Visa? You must have functional English (IELTS average band score of at least 4.5 based on the four test components) when Immigration finalizes your application.

What is the Cost Of Visa Subclass 887

Visa application fees from the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) are $415 (for the primary applicant), $210 (for each secondary applicant above the age of 18), and $105 (for each secondary applicant under the age of 18).

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