What Is The Best Way To Bring My Partner Permanently To Australia?

What Is The Best Way To Bring My Partner Permanently To Australia?
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on December 28, 2022

Many Australian residents immigrate to Australia for jobs or studies from another country and wish to bring their partner to Australia to live with them. But according to the legislation of the Australian government, no one can reside in Australia without holding an eligible visa.

The partner can be in a de facto or husband/wife relationship or a fiance(e)(future partner) of the Australian citizen. There are various visa options available to stay, but for a partner, the best way to visit and stay in Australia is a partner visa in Australia. A partner visa can be both temporary and permanent, but to obtain a permanent partner visa, the applicant must apply for a temporary partner visa first.

An applicant can lodge a partner visa application when he fulfils the eligibility criteria of a couple of visas in Australia. To satisfy the principles of eligibility, the applicant must –

  • Be a de facto partner or a spouse of An Australian permanent resident/citizen or a New Zealand citizen.
  • Meet the health and character standards as set by the Immigration department.
  • Be in a genuine and continuing relationship, and both parties commit to a shared life.
  • Not have any dues outstanding to the Australian government.
  • Must be in Australia while applying for an onshore partner visa application. And to apply for a permanent onshore partner visa, he must hold a substantive visa or visa subclass 820.
  • Have proficiency in the English language.
  • Must bear the partner visa cost fixed by the department of home affairs

Type Of Partner Visa

The Australian resident who wishes to bring his partner to Australia can apply for the following partner visa types –

  • Onshore Partner Visa Subclass 820/801

A partner visa in which the applicant can apply from inside Australia is an onshore partner visa. It has a two-step application process where the first step is to obtain a temporary partner visa 820. 

After two years, the applicant can apply for a permanent partner visa, and the relationship continues while applying. The applicant can be onshore or offshore when applying for partner visa 801.

  • Offshore Partner Visa Subclass 309/100

When the applicant is outside the boundaries of Australia, then he can apply for an offshore partner visa. It is also a two-step process in which the applicant has to apply for a temporary partner visa subclass 309. 

However, the applicant can apply for both permanent and temporary visas together. To apply for permanent partner visa 100, the applicant must have lived for at least two years with his partner in Australia.

  • Prospective Partner Visa Subclass 300

An applicant should file a prospective marriage visa application when he wishes to marry his prospective partner or fiancée in Australia. The visa subclass 300 is valid for nine months or till the applicant’s wedding, whichever is earlier. After the marriage, he can apply for a partner visa in Australia.

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Documents Required For Partner Visa Application

To submit the partner visa application, an applicant has to collect all the required documents to be attached. 

  • A valid and recently updated passport
  • Passport-size photos
  • National ID card issued by home country
  • Proof of relationship – joint bank accounts/residential property/lease or rental agreements/travel plans for future, mutual friends, family (statements, social media chats, gathering in family or friends parties
  • A statement certifying the health of the applicant is good
  • Evidence that the applicant does not have any criminal record
  • Birth certificate (in case of a child with the marriage)

Along with all the above documents, the applicant must also attach evidence that he has paid the required Australian partner visa cost for the partner visa application. The aspirant must ensure that the application filed and the information provided is correct by rechecking all the details before submission of the visa application.


For Applicants Outside Australia:

  1. Apply from outside Australia.
  2. Must not be in Australia when the Partner visa is granted.
  3. Comply with all legal criteria under Australian law.
  4. Continue to meet the legal criteria two years after receiving the temporary visa.
  5. Cover the visa costs and application process.
  6. Be prepared for health examinations, which may require you to pay for the medical check-up.
  7. Police checks may also be necessary, and you may need to cover the processing costs in your home country.

For Applicants Within Australia:

  1. You have the option to apply from within Australia.
  2. You may be inside or outside Australia when the Partner visa is granted.
  3. Must adhere to all legal criteria stipulated under Australian law.
  4. Continue to meet the legal criteria two years after obtaining the temporary visa.
  5. Cover the visa costs and application process.
  6. Health examinations are a standard requirement, and you may incur the costs of the medical check-up.
  7. Police checks may also be necessary, and you may need to cover the processing costs in your home country.

Partner (Subclass) 309 Visa Processing Time

Subclass 309 Processing Time 2023

The processing time for a Subclass 309 Visa varies, influenced by the priorities set by the Australian Department of Home Affairs, your application’s readiness, and the duration needed for your health examinations to be completed.

Partner Subclass 309 Processing Time

The document checklist, furnished either by the Department of Home Affairs or an authorized representative of the applicant, serves as a comprehensive guide to ensure that all essential documents are properly attached to the Subclass 309 Partner visa application. You can access the complete list of required documents for the Subclass 309 Visa in the Subclass 309 Visa Checklist.

The processing times for the Partner Visa Subclass 309 can differ significantly based on the unique circumstances of each application. Factors that influence processing times include:

  1. The completeness of your Subclass 309 visa application, including all required supporting documents.
  2. The timeliness of your responses to requests for additional information.
  3. The time required to conduct essential checks on the submitted supporting documentation.
  4. The time frame for receiving information from external agencies, especially concerning health, character, and national security prerequisites.
  5. Fluctuations in the volume of visa applications.
  6. Adjustments in Ministerial policies and directives.

Several recently processed applications had been submitted several months ago, with processing times as outlined below:

Partner 309 Processing Time

  • 25% of applications took approximately 5 months to process.
  • 50% of applications were processed within about 12 months.
  • 75% of applications had processing times of around 37 months.
  • 90% of applications experienced processing times of roughly 96 months.


Are you willing to bring your partner to Australia? The best way is to obtain a partner visa in Australia. The person who wishes to bring his partner to Australia must be a permanent resident of Australia, an Australian Citizen, or a New Zealand citizen. 

He should consult with a best migration agent in Perth, an expert in immigration law to assist him with the requirements and procedures to sponsor or bring his partner to Australia without unnecessary delay. His assistance can make the partner visa application process a smoother one.

When a person wishes to marry in Australia with his future partner, he must lodge a prospective marriage visa application. The visa subclass 300 allows him to marry in Australia and is also known as a fiancée visa.

The person must satisfy the eligibility standards of a partner visa to apply. He must also pay the Australian partner visa cost and additional costs (if applicable) before applying to the department of home affairs.

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