Why Visa Subclass 491 Might Be the Right Choice for You

Why Visa Subclass 491 Might Be the Right Choice for You
Posted by admin
on April 14, 2023

The most common programme immigrants use to earn permanent residency status in this nation is the Skilled migration programme in Australia. As a result, Australia receives many applications each year from around the world for its skilled migration program, making it extremely competitive.

With the new Skilled Work regional (subclass 491) visa, skilled individuals and their families can spend up to five years residing, working, or studying in rural Australia. After three years, the 491 visa subclass offers routes to permanent residency.

To qualify for the visa, you must meet several requirements, including holding a skilled job on the relevant 491 visa occupation list, passing the points test, and being nominated by an Australian state or territory government body.

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Subclass 491 Visa Benefits

A 491 visa allows you to:

  • Remain in Australia for five years
  • According to the terms of your visa, reside, work, and attend school in one of Australia’s designated regional areas. For skilled immigration, a broad definition of rural Australia would cover all of Australia except for the major cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Now it includes The NSW Central Coast, Gold Coast, Perth, Newcastle, and Wollongong.
  • The visa has several travel benefits. 
  • You can submit a request for permanent residence (Skilled Regional visa 191) through the permanent Residence if you are qualified.
  • You can work in any occupation for any employer till you abide by the work and residency requirements on your visa 491.

Procedure to apply for 491 regional visa

If you are a skilled person willing to apply for 491 skilled regional visas, you must fulfil the eligibility criteria to proceed further with the lodging visa application. The 491 visa requirements for being eligible are as follows:

  • For a position on the State or Regional List, you must have a Positive Skill Assessment with the highest 491 visa points.
  • You must be between 18 and 45.
  • You must be competent in English with six minimum points in IELTS or a holder of approved passports.
  • You must have a nomination to apply for the visa by a Region or State.
  • You must have good health and moral character.
  • You must score 65 or above on the skilled migration points test, which is the current cutoff.

After satisfying these standards, you must open an ImmiAccount for online application for a 491 visa in Australia. Once you have opened an ImmiAccount, follow the under-mentioned steps to complete your visa application:

  • Assemble your papers:

Gather all the evidence you’ll need to support your application, such as employment documentation, a skills evaluation, proof of English language competency, etc.

  • Skill evaluation: 

You must submit to a skill evaluation by a pertinent evaluating authority. You will be assigned an assessing authority based on the occupation for which you are applying. The assessed person will assess your credentials, skills, and work experience to see if they meet the requirements for the work field of your choice.

  • Expression of Interest (EOI): 

Submit an EOI via the SkillSelect system, which will evaluate your points total and place you concerning other applicants.

  • Apply for Nomination: 

If you are nominated by a particular regional area, DHA Australia and regional nomination groups will have access to your profile entered into the database. Only designated regions of Australia are required for the applicant and every family member to reside, work, and attend school there.

  • Invitation to Apply: 

If you obtain the go-ahead to apply for a visa, you must submit a formal application with all the required paperwork. (transcripts from your previous institutions of higher learning, employment records, background checks, and medical exams). If your application is accepted, you will receive a provisional visa that entitles you to up to five years of residence and employment in a regional area of Australia.

Below is the current average 491 visa processing time:

75% of all visa applications for the subclass 491 visa (state-nominated stream) take about six months, and 90% of all visa applications take about eight months.

75% of all visa applications for the subclass 491 visa (family-sponsored stream) take around nine months, and 90% of visa applications take around ten months.

The applicant’s application will cost AUD 4,115. Each family member who applies for the visa with you must be at least 18 years old and incur an additional fee of AUD 4,115. 

The procedure for obtaining a visa and its conditions are subject to change. So it is vital to check the most recent information on the Department of Home Affairs website and contact the best migration agent in Adelaide.

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Permanent residency through Australian visa 491

The skilled work regional provisional visa subclass 491 offers an opportunity to apply for Australian permanent residency. You can enrol in Medicare, sponsor family members to immigrate to Australia, live permanently, work and study there, travel to and from Australia for five years, and, if you meet the requirements, seek citizenship with Australian permanent residency.

To be eligible to apply for the Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) Visa Subclass 191, you must have held a substantive visa (491 or 494), have taxable income at or above the income threshold for at least three years, and have complied with the requirements of your visa. The best migration agent in Adelaide will guide you on how to obtain PR with visa 491.


For qualified individuals prepared to live and work in a specific regional area, the subclass 491 visa is a temporary resident permit. Applicants must meet additional eligibility requirements and have a job on the 491 visa occupation list to qualify for the visa.

It is accessible to skilled professionals living and working outside of Australia and those currently temporary residents of Australia.

To know more about this visa, you can consult an immigration advisor in Adelaide. He will explain each term of visa subclass 491 and assist you in the lodging visa application. He offers guidance and application management from beginning to end to achieve the possible migration outcome. Visa 491 allows skilled employees to apply for permanent residency easily, which is the best option for you. 

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