7 Reasons Why You Should Study In Australia!

7 Reasons Why You Should Study In Australia!
Posted by admin
on December 22, 2022

Australia is the best place for international students to study and stay because it has top advanced educational facilities. Accommodation is also comfortably available in Australia, so the students would not have to struggle for residency. An international student will experience different cultures in Australia as he will meet people from all over the world who came to Australia for studies, jobs, or other objectives.

For studies, the government of Australia has initiated an Australian student visa that allows students from overseas to pursue education in Australia legally without any stress. It facilitates students to stay in Australia for five years and work (part-time in academic timings and full-time in summer vacations). 

Australia also has better work/job opportunities after accomplishment of graduation or a selected course for which the candidates have to apply for a temporary graduate visa subclass 485. Visa subclass 485 permits a degree holder to stay, work or study in Australia for 2 to 4 years.

A student visa 500 is a way for students from overseas to stay lawfully in Australia for graduation or to pursue a specific course. 

Reasons For Choosing Australia

Various reasons attract international students to choose Australia over other countries for their studies. Australian study and visa services are more impressive and qualitative than those provided by other countries. Some of the reasons are as under:

  • Educational Facilities

Australia has top universities with high-quality and innovative educational facilities. There are 7 out of the top 100 universities from all over the world. Australian universities focus on improving education quality, learning opportunities, and skill development of the students.

  • Accommodation

In Australia, an applicant has options to convert a tourist visa to a student visa 500. The cost of living is lower in Australia than in other countries like the UK and USA. The accommodation, food, utilities, and travel expenses are not expensive in Australia. Living in Australia is comfortable as the language of communication is English which is understandable by everyone.

  • Easy Process Of Getting A Visa

The process of applying for a student visa is simple and quick. But to apply for the 500 visa, the students must satisfy the eligibility requirement for Australia student visa. The eligibility requirement is to obtain a confirmation letter from a recognised university, submit a genuine temporary entrant statement, and meet health/character/financial stability/English competency criteria.

  • Better Work Opportunities

Australia offers a temporary graduate visa 485, which permits international students to stay in Australia after completion of their course. In Australia, they can get better work/job opportunities and a chance for further studies (if they want). Some Australian universities offer internship and placement opportunities to their students.

  • Various Scholarship Programs

The government of Australia offers funds to students who have exceptional talent in academic or extracurricular activities by way of scholarship programs. The universities of Australia enable schemes or tests for students from time to time so that these scholarship programs can benefit deserving candidates.

  • Attractive Climate

The nature and climate of Australia are beautiful. It has beaches, desserts, wildlife, and many more to explore in Australia. Whenever the students need a change of environment or a break from studies, they can travel to the beautiful places of Australia.

  • Part-time Job Facility With Academic Course

A student-dependent visa Australia allows a student to stay, live, study and work in Australia. The students can work part-time during their academic sessions and part-time during the summer vacations.

The list of the above reasons is inclusive. The Australia immigration student visa allows students from overseas to live in Australia for five years and get opportunities for further studies and jobs in Australia by applying for a temporary graduate visa 485.

Summing Up

Are you applying to Australian universities to pursue education in Australia? An Australian education visa is all you need to stay in Australia for your studies. The students will get a healthy educational environment in Australia with high-quality education by applying to top Australian universities.

A student must hold a student visa 500 that allows him to stay in Australia for five years, work part-time, and travel to and from Australia multiple times. An international student must meet the eligibility requirement for Australia student visa to apply for the student visa.

Many students pay very high fees and time due to improper guidance in the visa application process. An migration agent in Australia can be the right person for students to consult about the benefits and requirements of visa subclass 500. He can guide the candidates about every step and provide the correct information. He will explain Australian study and visa services to the applicants to clear their doubts and queries. 

The students can also get better opportunities for the success of their careers after graduation, and they can stay lawfully with a temporary graduate visa 485.

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