Stress Free Guide About The Working Rights On Student Visa

Stress Free Guide About The Working Rights On Student Visa
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on March 12, 2021

Australia ranks third in the world when it comes to top study abroad destinations. Every year a large number of students travel to Australia to take advantage of the high-quality education it offers. In 2018, about 8, 69,709 students registered in various educational programs in Australia. The student visa allows you to enter Australia up to 90 days prior to the commencement of your course. A student visa subclass 500 permits overseas students to pursue further education in Australia.

The various types of student visas in Australia are being issued under Subclass 500 with effect from June 2017. Prior to June 2017, student visas were granted under subclasses 570, 571, 572, 573, 574, and 575 respectively although the work rights of the older visas are the same as subclass 500. Now family members can also accompany students with Student Guardian Visa Subclass 590.

Sectors For Student Visa

At present, Australia offers a variety of options for international students to study in various fields with a student visa. These may range from primary school to postgraduate level.

• Higher Education: Education in universities and private colleges such as graduate diplomas, bachelor degrees, and masters’ degrees.

• Research studies: Qualification obtained in universities such as Doctorate and Masters by research

• Vocational training: Usually provided by private colleges or TAFE such as Certificate I, II, III, IV diplomas and advanced diplomas

• English language courses: To improve English language skills

• Foundation courses: To secure admission in a university-level course

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Duration Of Visa 500

The validity of student visa depends on the duration of the course. Students are allowed to enter Australia a few months before the course commences and stay there for a few months following completion of the course.

Work Rights For Primary 500 Visa Holders

Being an international student studying in Australia, you will surely like to take the opportunity to work. For this reason, you need to know the work-related rules of the student visa.

The primary holder of a student visa 500 should abide by condition 8105 which states that students can work for a maximum period of 40 hours fortnightly when their semester continues. However, there is no limitation of work hours for international students during their semester breaks. However, students are allowed to work only when their course starts. Students are allowed to engage themselves fulltime during semester breaks and after completion of the course.

1. Those who pursue a PhD or Masters by Research, there is no limitation of work hours for them.

2. Work that is formally registered as a part of the course of studies is not included in the 40 hours fortnightly work limitation.

3. Fortnight refers to a period of 14 days beginning from Monday.

If you indulge in voluntary or unpaid work, then that is also not included in the 40 hours fortnightly work limitation provided it is:

• For the benefit of the community

• For a non-profit seeking organization

• A designated volunteer position

• Fully voluntary and no remuneration is received either in cash or kind

Being an international student, if you work more than the permitted hours, your student visa may be terminated.

Work Rights For Secondary 500 Visa Holders

Family members of the student visa holder are allowed to work for 40 hours on a fortnightly basis in general. However, the work rights of secondary visa holders become effective only when the primary visa holder begins with the course. Whether the semester is ongoing or it is a semester break, the secondary student visa holder can work for 40 hours every fortnight and not full-time.

However, if the main student visa holder is pursuing a Masters or Doctorate, the dependent members can get employed on a fulltime basis.

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About 500 Visa Application

Before April 26, 2008, students were required to apply separately seeking permission to work but from April 26, 2008, onwards a student can obtain permission to work when their visa is granted. This is applicable for the student as well as the family members who will be accompanying the student. This enables the student and their family members to save time and money.

If you want to pursue studies in Australia and wish to obtain a student visa, first of all, you need to get enrolled in an Australian educational institute. You will also need to submit CoE for Confirmation of Enrollment issued by the institute which you plan to undertake along with your visa application. This particular document proves that you intend to travel to Australia for the purpose of studies. Students should apply for the student visa much earlier because it takes longer to get the visa processed.

Other Student Visa Rules and Regulations

Besides the ones mentioned above, there are some other rules and regulations which must be followed by Australian student visa holders.

• As a student visa holder, you must continue with a course as approved by the Australian government

• You must meet all the requirements of the course in which you get enrolled

• You must maintain the required level of attendance in all the sessions as specified by the institute

• You must be covered by OSHC

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Working In Australia After Completing Graduation

If you intend to continue working in Australia after you have finished your studies, you need to apply for a new working visa before your student visa ends.

• You will gain eligibility to apply for Post Study Work subclass 485 Temporary Graduate Visa following completion of a Bachelor, Masters, or Ph.D.

• For the visa subclass 485 application, you need to submit an EOI via the SkillSelect program of the Australian government and seek permission to become a professional worker in Australia.

As an international student, working while studying is a great way to supplement your income but you need to be extremely careful about the restrictions. If you violate them in any way, your visa may be canceled and you may be expelled from Australia. So, it is best to seek assistance from Immigration Agent Adelaide in this regard.

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