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Bridging Visa E Subclass 050 & 051

The Bridging Visa E entitles you a lawful stay in Australia while you are making arrangements to leave Australia and dealing with the final immigration matters or while you wait for the decision of immigration. To apply for bridging visa E you just need to comply with all the Australian laws. This visa subclass 050 and 051 should be applied only while you are present in Australia. You should be present in Australia when the decision is being made for the grant of Bridging Visa E. The Bridging visa E is categorized into two types which is subclass 050 and subclass 051.

The visa subclass 050 is applied for while the immigration matters are settled for and the Visa subclass 051 is applied for the time being the Protection visa application in under processing. Both the Bridging visa E subclass 050 and 051 are temporary visa type which is helpful only if you are in Australia at the time of lodging and the grant of application. You can leave but cannot return to Australia with a Bridging visa E. Seek guidance from our expert Migration Agent Adelaide to grab one bridging visa E for you.

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Bridging Visa E 050 & 051 Australia Eligibility Criteria

The bridging visa E 050 & 051 needs to fulfill certain points and should satisfy bridging visa E eligibility criteria to be able to get access to one for them. The eligibility criteria which should be fulfilled are:

For Subclass 050:


For applying for Bridging visa E Subclass 050 you must be either an unlawful non-citizen or a holder of subclass 050 Visa Subclass or a visa subclass 041 that is a bridging visa D.


You should be making arrangements of leaving Australia, or


You are applying for a substantive visa, or


You must be seeking for judicial review regarding the refusal of a substantive visa application or citizenship decision or stuck into a ministerial intervention.

For Subclass 051:


For the purpose of being able to apply for the visa subclass 051, you must have been refused of an immigration clearance or have been refused for a bypassed immigration clearance and should have applied for the same within 45 days.


Protection Visa must have been applied for by you.


You should be into detention of immigration.


The different age, health, nomination or other applicable requirements should be satisfied by you.

While applying for visa subclass 050 or 051 you can be of any age.

Bridging Visa 050 & 051 Requirements

The bridging visa E 050 & 051 requirements contain the following fulfillments:


You can be of any age to be able to apply for visa subclass 050 & 051.


You should be able to satisfy the health requirements according to the Australian framework.


The character requirements should be fulfilled by you for the purpose of Bridging visa E.

Australian Bridging Visa E Checklist

The bridging Visa E is a temporary visa type that can be obtained on fulfillment of visa 050 & 051 Checklist. The following things should be considered before applying:


You must be making arrangements to depart from Australia or have applied for Protection visa or any of your substantive visa is refused which is applied for judicial review within prescribed time frame.


You should be waiting for a decision on a judicial review which has been applied in prescribed time frame.


You should satisfy the character and health requirements as per the Australian framework.


Age is no bar for applying for bridging visa E.

What Can You Do With a Bridging Visa E in Australia?

Bridging Visa E subclass 050 & 051 entitles an individual with few benefits while in Australia. The entitlements are as followed:


You are allowed to stay lawfully in Australia with a bridging Visa E while you are arranging your departure from Australia.


You are also allowed to work with a bridging visa E under fulfillment of certain conditions.


You are allowed to stay in Australia with this visa subclass until a particular date or time period or happening of a specific event.


You can also add members of family unit in your visa application if you satisfy certain conditions specified under the bridging visa policy.

Come to our Migration Agent Adelaide to get the best guidance in understanding the eligibility and required conditions for the visa subclass 050 and 051.

Australian Bridging Visa E Processing Time

The bridging visa E is a temporary visa which does not have a specified processing time. However our Migration Agent Adelaide will help you get your visa processed faster.

General FAQs for Australian Bridging Visa E subclass 050 & 051

Bridging Visa E is temporary visa which is useful for the unlawful non-citizens of Australia who have previously been granted a bridging visa E or a holder of bridging visa D and have presented their appeal to the department being in Australia or are making arrangements to depart from Australia.

The work entitlement with your bridging visa E is mentioned in your visa grant letter. It is allowed according to your circumstances and your substantive visa entitlements.

There is no specifically defined time for the processing of visa subclass 050; however you might seek help and guidance from our Migration Agent Adelaide to get your bridging visa E.

The bridging visa 050 does not cost any fee and is free of cost to apply for. You just need to satisfy the required terms and conditions and eligibility criteria to be able to apply for this visa subclass.

Bridging Visa E Subclass 050 & 051:
The bridging visa E subclass 050 and 051 is available to you if you are making arrangements to depart Australia or finalizing the matters of your immigration or waiting for the decision of immigration. For further assistance and information feel free to reach out to us at any hour.

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