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Bridging Visa B Subclass 020

Bridging visa B subclass 020 is a temporary visa which is granted when a substantive visa is under process and takes time to get approved. You may apply for Bridging Visa B for the purpose of working in Australia if the substantive visa which you had or have applied for lets you work in Australia. The Bridging visa B subclass 020 may come with a single or multiple travel facility and a validity of use till a specified date. You may also apply for a new BVB in case your remaining validity is not enough to cover a proposed journey. Application for a new BVB should be made before leaving Australia.

If the applicant is under application of a judicial review, he may have to make a separate application for a BVB. The Bridging visa B does not allow changes in conditions. For any kind of condition changes with a BVB, the applicant will be required to apply for a Bridging visa A. Our Migration Agent Adelaide has good knowledge and expertise in the visa guidance and assistance, you may seek help from our agents to get detailed information and know about your eligibility for applying a BVB.

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Bridging Visa B Eligibility Criteria

The Bridging visa B Australia is a temporary visa that comes with a travel facility of a single or multiple times with a specified period. 020 Visa Subclass comes with its own bridging visa 020 eligibility criteria which are defined as under:


The applicant must have had or have applied for a Substantive visa.


You must be already a holder of Bridging visa B or Bridging Visa A.


You should have made an application for a substantive visa which is either under processing for determination or had been refused for which you have made an appeal of judicial review and the judicial review is still under process.


In case of judicial review, you must make an appeal in the prescribed time frame.


You must meet the character requirement as per the Australian framework.

Bridging Visa B 020 Conditions

Bridging visa B subclass 020 comes with few 020 visa conditions which should be followed after getting access to the bridging visa 020.


You are not allowed to work in Australia with a Bridging Visa B subclass 020 for any work for which any other person is getting paid for.


You can only work in Australia with this Bridging visa B if the work is related to your course or training.


This visa allows you to work only for 40 hours per fortnight.


If you are working for the purpose of your course or training, you must not work before the commencement of the course.


The Bridging visa B restricts you from working for the same employer for more than 3 months.


You will have to maintain adequate health insurance covers while your stay in Australia with bridging visa B.

Australian Bridging Visa B Checklist

The Bridging visa B 020 is a temporary visa type that can be applied only after completing certain eligibility criteria. The bridging visa Australia has its own conditions and the 020 visa Checklist should be considered while submission of final application. The checklist has some following important points:


You must hold or have applied for a substantive visa.


You should not work with a bridging visa B in Australia or can only do unpaid work relating to your course or training.


You may leave and return to Australia as many times as you want with the bridging visa B until its validity.


While the travel, you should provide substantial reasons for your travel from Australia.


You should meet the Australian character requirements to be eligible for this bridging visa.

What does a Bridging Visa B subclass 020 lets you do in Australia?

The bridging visa B subclass 020 is a temporary visa which is available to the holder of a prior Bridging visa holder or the holder of a substantive visa. The Bridging visa B 020 entitles you to the following privileges:


Live in Australia until the determination of the substantive visa.


Travel to and from Australia within the defined travel period until the processing of substantive visa.


Work on an unpaid basis for the purpose of a course or training but not for more than 3 months for the same employer.


You might also work in Australia with this visa if your applied substantive visa lets you work in Australia and your visa grant letter specifies you the grant to work with bridging visa B.


You can include members of your family unit in the application of your Bridging Visa B only if you and your family member have applied for the substantive visa together.

Our Migration Agent Adelaide can help you understand the entitlements with bridging visa B in a better way and also know about your eligibility of getting access to one. Reach us today and get to stay in Australia.

Bridging Visa b Subclass 020 Processing Time

The Bridging visa 020 is a temporary visa and you may apply for bridging visa B in case you have applied for a substantive visa and it is under determination. Our Migration Agent Adelaide can assist you in processing of your visa.
However, there is no specified time for the processing of bridging visa B subclass 020.

General FAQs for Bridging Visa B subclass 020

The bridging visa B subclass 020 is a temporary visa type which is available in case a substantive visa is under determination and ceases to be valid as soon as the substantive visa is approved, refused or the applicant withdraws the application of substantive visa.

Yes, you may study in Australia with a bridging visa B but only after the end of the travel period with the bridging visa.

Generally, a Bridging Visa B lasts until the substantive visa that the applicant has applied for is processed, received or refused.

The cost of a bridging visa B subclass 020 is AUD155.

No, the bridging visa B Subclass 020 cannot be extended, however, the applicant may apply for another visa if the bridging visa expires due to refusal of a substantive visa application and the applicant make an appeal under judicial review after the prescribed time frame.

A bridging visa is applied when a substantive visa is under determination of approval and processing, for partner visa 820 and 821, the spouse must apply to be able to sponsor you. During the processing, you may be granted a bridging visa A.

No, the bridging visa subclass B 020 can only be applied for being in Australia for the purpose of making a valid application and visa grant.

You and any of your family members applying for the Bridging Visa B subclass 020 have to be present in Australia while making the application and at the time of visa grant for the purpose of making valid visa application.

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