Employer Nomination Scheme Visa Subclass 186

Employer Nomination Scheme Visa Subclass 186

The Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 is a visa type which when granted would let an individual stay in Australia permanently. With this visa an individual can only come to Australia if they are a skilled worker and are nominated by the employer in Australia to work in a field or area where there is a shortage of skilled workers. The 186 visa Australia will allow the individual to live or work freely in Australia for an indefinite time. The individual while applying for this visa subclass is required to specify and prove the skills necessary for the applied job.

To be able to apply for this visa subclass 186, an individual must have been nominated by an Australian employer. The applicant must consider having good knowledge of the English language if they want their visa application to be granted successfully. The Employer Nomination Scheme Visa Subclass 186 is subdivided further into three streams. The three streams are named to be Direct Entry Stream, Labour Agreement Stream and Temporary Residence Transition Stream. To know about the best stream that is suitable according to your requirements and conditions get in touch with an expert Migration Agent Adelaide today.

Employer Nomination Scheme Visa Subclass 186

Subclass 186 Visa Eligibility Criteria

To ensure that one can apply for a employer nomination scheme visa 186, the applicant must consider having successfully achieved the Subclass 186 Visa Eligibility Criteria. The eligibility of the applicant cannot generally be denied if he/ she is able to complete the following:

  • The applicant must prove that he/she has the required necessary skills for the job he /she is applying to do in Australia.
  • The applicant must have been nominated by an employer in Australia having a successful operating business there.
  • When the applicant is applying for a particular skill or occupation, that must be listed on the Skilled Occupation List of the Australian skilled work framework.
  • The applicant applying for this visa must have good knowledge of the English language as required by the subclass 186 visa Australia.
  • To be able to apply for a labor agreement Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186, an applicant must have a labor agreement.

For the Temporary Residence Transition Stream, the eligibility criteria are:

  • While applying for a Subclass 186 Temporary Residence Transition Stream Visa Australia, the applicant must be a holder of a TSS or visa subclass 457 or a related bridging visa A, B or C.
  • In general case, to be able to apply for a Temporary Residence Transition stream, an applicant is required to have worked full-time for an employer for at least three years.
  • The nomination for going to Australia must have been made by your employer.

For all these streams, an individual to qualify for the eligibility is required to attain the health and character requirements successfully.

186 Visa Australia Requirements

There are different 186 Visa Australia requirements that need to be satisfied by the applicant in order to get visa approval. These requirements are:

  • The applicant is required to be less than 45 years in age while applying for the subclass 186 visa Australia.
  • The applicant must be able to satisfy the health requirements in accordance with the Australian health requirement framework.
  • The character requirement is a must to be fulfilled by the applicant to get through the visa 186 Australia approval.
  • The individual is required to sign the Australian value statement making a declaration that he/ she will obey and respect the Australian way of life.
  • No previous visa or visa application must have been refused or rejected for the applicant.

Visa Subclass 186 Checklist

The ENS 186 visa is a permanent visa type which contains three different streams with different eligibility criteria. These eligibility should be checked with a visa subclass 186 checklist which will help the applicant in smooth application and not miss any of the necessarily required criteria. Following points make up the visa 186 checklist:

  • Generally, the candidate applying for a subclass 186 visa must be below 45 years in age while applying, however he or she can be exempt from this criteria on satisfying certain conditions.
  • The applicant must have a skill or occupation relevant to one listed in the Skilled Occupation List.
  • Before applying, one must ensure that they have relevant work experience as required for the different streams of subclass 186.
  • The applicant needs to have relevant knowledge of English language as required by the subclass 186 visa.
  • To apply for a Temporary Residence Transition Stream, one must be a holder of a subclass 457 visa or a subclass 482 visa or a Bridging Visa A, B or C.
  • The health and character requirements must have been appropriately met by the applicant while applying for the subclass 186 visa Australia.
  • The Australian Value Statement must have been signed by the applicant stating that he or she will respect the Australian way of life.

What 186 Visa Australia Allows You To Do in Australia

There are different privileges an individual may be able to enjoy with a Subclass 186 visa grant. The entitlements available to an individual with an Employer Nomination Scheme 186 visa are:

  • The 186 Visa Australia is a permanent category visa that allows the individual to stay in Australia for an indefinite period.
  • With this visa subclass, an individual will also be allowed to work or study in Australia.
  • This visa entitles an individual with the ability to enrol in an Australian public health care scheme.
  • With this visa, an applicant can also sponsor their eligible relatives to visit Australia.
  • With this Australian visa an applicant will be allowed to travel to and from Australia for the period of initial 5 years from the date of visa validity.
  • If found eligible, an individual can also apply for Australian citizenship with a visa subclass 186.

If you find yourself fulfilling all these eligibility criteria and want to apply for the subclass 186 visa Australia, get in touch with a Migration Agent Adelaide for a hassle free processing.

Subclass 186 Visa Processing Time

The Subclass 186 Visa Processing Time depends on the stream of visa an applicant has applied for and the details that have been applied along with the application. The processing time for different streams of 186 visa subclass are:

Visa Stream75% of applications processed in90% of applications processed in
Direct Entry Stream5 Months15 Months
Labour Agreement Stream
Temporary Residence Transition Stream6 Months12 Months
General FAQs for Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186

The Visa Subclass 186 when once granted cannot be revoked by the employer.

The subclass 186 visa cost is AUD 4,045 for all streams of the Employer Nomination Scheme Visa subclass 186.

The 186 visa Australia can be applied from in or outside Australia. However, if the individual is applying to be inside Australia, he or she must be holding a substantive visa or a relevant Bridging Visa.

The 186 visa is a permanent visa type with which an individual may also get eligible for a Permanent Residency in Australia. However, if the Employer Nomination is refused by the Department, the application of Permanent is also refused of the applicant.

The 186 visa is a permanent visa type and is valid for an indefinite period.

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