Skilled Work Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 491

Skilled Work Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 491

The Subclass 491 is a temporary work visa that allows an individual to go and work in Australia for a maximum of 5 years. For a Visa Subclass 491 an individual must be nominated by a state or territory Government of Australia. This Skilled Work Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 491 allows an individual to stay, work or study in Australia for 5 years in a regional area. The ‘invitation to apply’ must be received by the applicant to be able to apply for this visa. The Subclass 491 visa is a dependent visa that requires positive points in your skills test which makes it a points test based visa.

Migration Agent Adelaide can guide you in selection of the appropriate stream of the Subclass 491 visa and get you in Australia with all the required eligibility. While applying for the subclass 491 visa an applicant can only select for a work listed in Skilled Occupation List as per the subclass 491 visa. To apply for your visa subclass 491, get in touch with us today.

Skilled Work Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 491

491 Visa Eligibility Criteria

The skilled work regional provisional visa 491 is sub divided into 2 categories named as Main Applicant Stream and Subsequent Entrant stream. Both the streams of this have few distinct 491 visa eligibility criteria to be satisfied while applying for the visa subclass 491. The points to be fulfilled are:

Main Applicant Stream:

  • The individual can apply only if he gets an invitation to apply for this visa stream.
  • To be eligible to apply for a Skilled Work Regional Visa, the applicant must be nominated by a state or territory Government in Australia or be sponsored by an eligible Australian relative.
  • The sponsoring relative must be at least 18 years of age or more and be resided in a designated area of Australia.
  • The applicant must be less than 45 years in age while making the application for this visa subclass 491.
  • The applicant must have appeared for the Skills Assessment test while he receives the invitation to apply.
  • The score achieved by you in points-test of the skills assessment must be more than 65 points.
  • The applicant must be having at least a competent level of English language knowledge to qualify for the visa subclass 491.

Subsequent Entrant Stream:

  • The applicant must be the holder of a visa that belongs to the family unit of visa subclass 491.
  • While applying for this stream any family member or the applicant himself must be at least 18 years of age or more.
  • The applicant must fulfill the English language level requirement by having at least a Functional level.

Visa subclass 491 Requirements

The general Visa subclass 491 Requirements for both the streams are:

  • The applying individual must satisfy the health and character requirements as per the Australian framework.
  • The applicant or any family member must not hold any due debts from the Australian Government.
  • Any of the visa or visa application must not have been canceled or refused in the past.
  • Must sign the Australian value statement stating the fact that they would respect and accept the Australian laws and way of life.

Subclass 491 Visa Checklist

The Subclass 491 Visa Checklist contains the following given points that should be taken care of while you apply for the Visa 491 Australia:

  • The individual must be nominated by a state or territory Government to work in Australian designated area.
  • The skill or occupation applied by the individual must be listed in the skilled occupation list of the Australian Visa department.
  • The individual must successfully satisfy the points test requirements for the visa subclass 491.
  • The health and character requirements as per the Australian framework must be fulfilled.
  • Any visa or visa application must not have been refused or canceled ever in the past.

What 491 Visa Allows You To Do In Australia?

The Visa subclass 491 allows an applicant with the following entitlements while they’re in Australia with the 491 visa:

  • The visa subclass 491 allows you to live, work or study in an Australian designated area for a period of 5 years.
  • It also allows the visa holder to travel to and from Australia as many times while the visa is valid.
  • On satisfying certain attached conditions, the visa holder of subclass 491 may also apply for a permanent residency.
  • The addition of family members in your visa application is also allowed under this visa subclass.

These are some common entitlements available to every individual who is granted a visa subclass 491. However, you may get assistance from the Migration Agent Adelaide to understand the other entitlements that may be available to you under subclass 491 visa Australia.

491 Visa Australia Processing Time

Australian Subclass 491 Visa is a temporary visa with a maximum validity of 5 years. However, with this visa subclass, an individual may also apply for permanent residency on satisfying certain conditions. The 491 visa Australia processing time is not specified by the Department of Home affairs and may vary depending on the individual case. Get in connection with the Migration Agent Adelaide for further Visa 491 related concerns and get your visa processed as early as possible.

General FAQs relating to the Subclass 491 visa

There is not much difference in the two visa subclass of the 489 and 491 visa. In Subclass 489 visa the maximum stay period allowed was 4 years and in subclass 491 visa, a maximum stay of 5 years is allowed.

The visa subclass 491 costs AUD 4,045 for the application fee.

Every individual arriving in Australia who is a non-citizen of Australia must be having an Incoming Passenger Card even for the 491 visa.

The Australian visa subclass 491 allows an individual a maximum stay of 5 years in Australia. However, fulfillment of certain conditions also entitles an individual to apply for permanent residency in Australia with a 491 visa.

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