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If you are planning to travel to Australia for short period with an intention of pleasure, meet friends, medical treatment, address a conference or for short term work or study then you can apply for Visitor Visa Australia. Four categories fall under Visitor visa stream and are designed in a way to cater to the different needs of the visitors such as length of stay, location, passport and motive of the visit.


You may select and apply for the visa that suits your visa needs best and must comply the requirements and eligibility criteria of the visa stream you are applying for.

Visitor Visa Categories:

Visitor Visa Subclass 600

You can apply for Visa Subclass 600 if you are outside of Australia and willing to travel to the country for a temporary period and should have sufficient funds to support your stay in Australia. Your reason for visiting Australia must be genuine and not include any business or medical treatment plans.


This visa allows the applicants to visit Australia on a multiple or single-entry dispensation and allows maximum of three months stay on each visit. You might also be granted this visa for a an extended period of time.

To be eligible to apply for Visitors visa 600 you must show genuine intention to stay temporarily in Australia, meet health and character requirements. You may also be eligible if you are sponsored by an Australian government official or an eligible relative or friend.


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Electronic Travel Authority Visa Subclass 601

Those who hold an ETA eligible passport can apply for Subclass 601 Visa. You must show evidence of sufficient funds to support yourself while you travel to Australia.


This Tourist visa Australia allows you to stay and travel to Australia as many times as you want for up to a year and maximum three months stay for each visit with a purpose of short term tourism or business activities such as attending a conference, making business enquiries, or for contractual negotiations, however it is not a work visa.


You might be eligible for an Electronic Travel Authority if you are a passport holder of a certain country other than Australia.


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eVisitor Subclass 651

You can apply for Subclass 651 Visa under the Visitor visa family sponsored stream if you intend to visit Australia for tourism or business purposes temporarily. Applicants applying for this visa must hold eVisitor eligible passport.


Visa Subclass 651 allows you to enter the country for holiday basis or visit family and friends with multiple entry or exit during 12-month visa grant period with maximum of three months during each stay.


An eligible individual is one who holds an eVisitor-eligible passport for subclass 651 visa application and must meet certain health and financial requirements.


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Medical Treatment Subclass 602 Visa

If you are planning to visit Australia for medical consultation or treatment than you can apply for Subclass 602 Visa. Applicants who wish to donate an organ or accompany an organ donor, patient or receive an organ can also apply for this visa. The length of the stay depends on the completion of the treatment.


Besides medical treatment this Australian visa also lets you study for up to three months in Australia. You can travel to Australia several times depending upon the circumstances till the visa is valid.


To be eligible for this visa you must meet health (have a medical condition that could be a threat to public health and ensure that you are clear of active tuberculosis) and character requirements along with proper evidence of funds to support your treatment plan in Australia.


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