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Electronic Travel Authority Subclass 601

The Electronic Travel Authority Subclass 601 entitles an individual to enjoy a cruise or have a holiday in Australia. With ETA subclass 601, you may be able to visit your friends or family residing in Australia or will also be able to undertake some business visitor activities. The 601 subclass visa enables any individual applying for this visa to travel to Australia as a tourist where they can have a holiday or have a cruise stay. The individual can also travel to Australia as a visitor for business purposes with this visa subclass 601.

Although this visa entitlement provides you a visit into Australia for business purposes but also restricts the individual to some specific business activities and does not let the applicant to sell services or goods to the public in Australia directly. We have our Migration Agent Adelaide who are the experts in guidance and assistance providing relating to visa related queries. You can contact us through the beneath mentioned link to get your queries resolved and get hold of a valid Visa subclass 601.

Student Visa 500

Australian Visa Subclass 601 Eligibility:

The 601 visa eligibility has certain conditions to be fulfilled by the applicant to be able to gain access to Visa subclass 601. Following points should be considered before applying for visa subclass 601:


The applicant may apply for a visa subclass 601 only if he/ she has a valid passport from a list of few specified countries.


The individual must genuinely intend to stay in Australia temporarily.


The applicant must take care of the conditions attached to the visa and obey all of them.


The health requirement and character requirement of the Australian policies must be met appropriately by the applicant.


The applicant or their family member must not be a holder of any due debts from Australian government.


This visa subclass 601 will not be granted if the department finds that the visa grant is not in the best interests of applicant aged under 18.

ETA Subclass 601 Checklist:

The 601 Visa checklist needs to be observed appropriately before applying for the Electronic Travel Authority Visa subclass 601. An applicant must always keep in mind the following Visitor Visa 601 conditions to be able to gain access to a visa subclass 601.


The applicant must hold an eligible passport.


The health and character requirements should be completed and should be appropriate according to the Australian framework requirements.


The applicant should clear or repay if any debts are due from Australian Government.


The stay period for the applicant should not exceed 3 months at a time and a total of 12 months.

If you fulfill all the above eligibility and checklist points, you might have greater chances of getting your visa application approved and granted.

What can you do with ETA subclass 601 Visa in Australia?

The entitlement of visa subclass 601 which is also popularly known as Electronic Travel Authority visa enables an individual to travel to Australia in the capacity of:


A tourist whereby he/she can enjoy a stay in cruise or have a holiday.


May visit his/her family or friends


Can be a business visitor.

The visa subclass 601 enables you to make multiple entry and exit from Australia while the visa is valid, but each stay period cannot be more than 3 months each.
With visa 601 subclass you cannot attain a training or study for more than 3 months in Australia.

Processing time of Australian Visa subclass 601:

The 601 visa processing time is not appropriately defined and available for the ETA 601 application.
The processing time of visa subclass 601 can be extended in case:


The applicant did not fill the details appropriately.


Or the time taken for applicant verification is extended.

However, our Migration Agent Adelaide can better assist with the processing of the visa subclass 601.

Entitlements of Business Visitor with Visa subclass 601 in Australia:

The 601 visa processing time is not appropriately defined and available for the ETA 601 application.
The processing time of visa subclass 601 can be extended in case:


Make inquiries related to general business or employment.


Negotiate, investigate or enter into or review a business contract.


Make or conduct activities that form a part of an official government visit.


Participate in a conference, trade fair or any seminar. The cost of such participation should not be paid by the organizers.

But the business visitor of Subclass 601 cannot do the following:


He/ she cannot work for or provide services to a business or organization based in Australia.


Sell goods or services directly to the public.

General FAQs about the Visa Subclass 601:

The ETA subclass 601 for Australia is a visa subclass 601 that entitles an applicant with a stay in Australia as a tourist, visitor of friends or family or as a business visitor for a maximum period of 12 months where the stay period cannot extend 3 months at a time.

You may apply online for getting access to the visa subclass 601 or ETA Australia and complete all the requirements appropriately or you can also seek help from our Migration Agent Adelaide who can guide and assist you better in getting a visa grant.

No, the entitlement to visa 601 subclass does not allow you to work in Australia, unless it is a business visit that is related to making general business or employment inquiries, investigation, negotiation, entering into or reviewing a business contract or conducting activities as part of official government visit.

With visa subclass 601 you can only study or participate into a training program which is of not more than 3 months. If you want to join a full time study course of more than 3 months, you may consider applying for a student visa.

No, the extension to this visa subclass is not available and if you wish to stay longer in Australia, you will have to apply for a new visa.

The entitlements of both the visas i.e Evisitor 601 Visa and 651 visa are same. The only difference between them is where you apply and how much they cost.

You can apply for a visa subclass 601 if you hold a valid passport from one of the following countries:
Hong Kong (SAR of China)
Republic of San Marino
South Korea
Taiwan (excluding official or diplomatic passports)
The Netherlands
United Kingdom—British Citizen
United Kingdom—British National (Overseas)
United States of America
Vatican City

The ETA is free. There is only an online ETA 601 application service cost of AUD20.

Electronic Travel authority Evisitor 601 Visa:

The visa subclass 601 entitles an individual a stay of up to 12 months where the visitor cannot stay in Australia for more than 3 months at a time. The visitor can travel as a tourist or enjoy a holiday and stay in cruise. The visitor can also travel as a business visitor to Australia.

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