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Medical Treatment Visa Subclass 602

The visa subclass 602 is a visa type that entitles an individual a stay in Australia for the period of their treatment plan or medical consultations are finished. This Medical Treatment visa 602 may grant you single or multiple entries to Australia on your visa grant letter depending on your situation. With the entitlement to this visa subclass you can also attain a study course for up to 3 months (or longer if you meet the exemption criteria). This visa does not allow the individual to work in Australia except for certain limited circumstances.

The Medical Treatment Visa Subclass 602 is a temporary visa which lets you stay in Australia until your treatment plan or consultations are completed. This visa can’t be extended and the individual cannot stay longer after the expiry of the visa in Australia. Any family member of the applicant cannot be included in this visa, they have to apply separately for each person. Our Migration Agent Adelaide are experts with visa consultancy and can guide you in the best manner to get a Medical Treatment visa and get best medical help and consultancy in Australia.

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Australian Visa subclass 602 Eligibility:

Australian Visa 602 pertains some specific eligibility terms that needs to be fulfilled for an individual to be able to gain access of medical treatment visa 602. Our Migration Agents Adelaide suggests you need to consider the following points before you apply for a visa subclass 602:


The individual must have intentions to have medical treatment or consultations in Australia.


The applicant may intend of an organ donation to someone in Australia.


The applicant might have an intention of supporting any patient or organ donor who already holds or is applying for Medical treatment visa.


The applicant can be a recipient of an organ from someone who also travels to Australia with the applicant.


The applicant can also apply to this visa subclass if he intends to come to Australia under any arrangements which have been made between the Western Province of Papua New Guinea and the Queensland Department of Health.


The applicant may reside in Australia with this Visa subclass 602 if he be in Australia, aged 50 years or older, been refused an Australian permanent visa on health grounds only and are unfit to depart Australia.


The applicant traveling to Australia with Medical treatment Visa subclass 602 must not have a medical condition that could prove to be threat to the health of public.


The age is no bar with this Visa subclass.


The applicant should be able to support himself financially while his stay in Australia through access to adequate funds.


The applicant should be a genuine temporary visitor and must only do the things that are allowed under this visa.

Visa subclass 602 Requirements:

The medical treatment visa 602 requires every individual applying for this visa subclass 602 to fulfill some of the basic requirements to be able to get their visa application approved. The basic requirements include:


The applicant should meet the health requirements of the Australian framework unless, the applicant is the patient himself or undergoing medical treatment.


The applicant must be of genuine character and should meet the Australian character requirements.


The applicant must be capable enough of funding his stay and medical treatments in Australia and should provide valid evidence of the same.


The applicant should not have any visa canceled while he/she was in Australia.

Medical Treatment Visa 602 Checklist:

The medical treatment visa 602 should be applied only after verifying the 602 visa checklist. The applicants need to follow the given 602 visa conditions to be eligible to get the visa:


The visitor must meet the health and character requirements as laid by the Australian framework.


The visitor must show the evidence of their arrangements for the treatment.


The visitor must not be a holder of any due debts of the Australian Government.


The visitor must provide the evidence of the funds and access to those funds that is enough to support their stay and anybody accompanying them to Australia for the treatment purposes.


The applicant must not have any medical condition that can be threat to public health.

What Can You do With Visa Subclass 602 in Australia:

With the entitlement to visa subclass 602, you can visit to Australia for the purpose of a treatment plan or medical consultation. The Medical Treatment visa subclass 602 also allows a visitor to study up to 3 months in Australia besides the treatment plan. The visitor may have single or multiple entries grant to Australia depending on their individual circumstances.
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Medical Treatment Visa Subclass 602 Processing Time:

The 602 visa processing time is a quick process as it is somehow related to the health issues of the applying individuals. The visa subclass 602 takes the processing time as follows:

75% of applications processed in29 days
90% applications processed in49 days

Happy to know about the entitlements of the Medical Treatment Visa subclass 602? Get one for yourself and get the best ever medical treatment and consultation in Australia.

General FAQs of Medical Treatment Visa 602 Australia:

Medical treatment visa 602 is a temporary Australian visa subclass that allows an individual to travel to Australia for the purpose of a treatment plan or medical consultation in Australia. You can also study in Australia for a period of up to 3 months besides your treatment plan.

With the visa subclass 602, the visitor may stay in Australia until the time of the treatment plan or consultation of the applicant.

For applying a visa subclass 602, the applicant may lodge a medical treatment application visa and submit the documents that are required. The documents which are not in English must be translated by an accredited translator.

It is expected by the visitor to leave Australia before the expiry of their visa, but in case if the treatment is yet to complete and the visitor requires a further stay in Australia for treatment purposes, they may apply for a new visa for further medical treatment. You may seek help from our Migration Agent Adelaide for better assistance.

The visa subclass 602 takes a processing time of about 29 days for 75% of the applications and 49 days for the 90% of applications. The processing time in this visa subclass can also vary according to the complexity of the individual cases.

Visa subclass 602 Australia:

The visa subclass 602 also known as the Medical Treatment Visa is a temporary visa type which lets a visitor travel to Australia for medical treatment plan or consultation. The visitor may also be the donor or receiver of any organ to/from someone in Australia.

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