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Visitor Visa Subclass 600

As the name suggests, the Visitor visa subclass 600 is a visa type that provides the opportunity to the applicants to visit their family or friends in Australia. With the visitor visa 600, an applicant will be able to go to Australia as a tourist, for the purpose of enjoying a stay in a cruise or for any other purpose which is somehow not related to medical treatments or business.

The visitor visa subclass 600 does not allow the applicant work in Australia while the grant of his stay period under this visa. If the student wants to study in Australia with this visa, he/she can avail the study course to the maximum of 3 months, but if the core purpose of traveling to Australia with this visa is studying, then the applicant should consider having a valid student visa.

The Tourist Visa 600 allows the applicant with a stay period of maximum 12 months in Australia. Generally, the stay period of the applicant with this visa is specified on the visa grant letter. Our Migration Agent Adelaide are an expert into this field who can provide you better assistance with application of Visitor visa and let you enjoy your days in Australia.

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Australian Visa subclass 600 Eligibility Criteria:

Australian Visa Subclass 600 Eligibility has some specific requirements which would let the applicant with a valid access to the visa and enjoy their stay in Australia. For being in Australia with a visitor visa Subclass 600 the following things need to be considered and fulfilled by the applicant:


The applicant who is applying for the Visa 600 Australia should have genuine intentions to stay temporarily in Australia.


The applicant must meet all the health requirements of the Australian framework and maintain the minimum health standards of Australia.


The applicant must possess and pass the character test to be able to gain Visitor visa 600 eligibility.


The applicant should have enough funds to support their stay in Australia.

Visitor Visa 600 Checklist:

The Australian Visa Subclass 600 also known as the Visitor Visa is a visa type which lets the applicant enjoy a stay of up to 12 months in Australia in case they want to visit any friend or family residing there. The Visitor Visa 600 checklist contains the following points:


The applicant should provide proper evidence of his intention to visit Australia for a temporary purpose and that he/ she intends to return back within 12 months from Australia.


This visa does not allow the applicant to work in Australia.


You can study for a maximum of 3 months with this visa in Australia.


This visa cannot be extended for the stay in Australia.


The applicant cannot include any family member into this visa.


Health cover insurance is a must to get access to this visa.

What can you do with a Visitor Subclass 600 Visa in Australia?

The Visitor subclass 600 visa lets you enjoy different benefits in Australia if you get an access to this visa subclass. This Australian Visitor visa subclass 600 entitles an applicant with the following:


The applicant can visit a friend or family residing in Australia with this visa with appropriate evidence.


The Applicant can travel on cruise or enjoy a holiday in Australia with Visitor visa subclass 600.


The applicant may also work as an unpaid genuine volunteer, but only in case where any other Australian is also not getting paid for the same work.


You can travel to Australia multiple times if you are granted multiple entries in your visa grant letter.

Visitor Visa 600 Processing Time:

The Visitor Visa 600 Processing Time is generally accounted for as:


75% of the application are processed in 16 days


90% of the applications are processed in 26 days.

Are you interested to get an access of Visitor visa 600 and enjoy an adventurous holiday in Australia? Our Migration Agents will provide you with the best assistance to get one.

General FAQs for visitor visa 600:

The Visitor visa subclass 600 allows an individual a stay of maximum of 12 months out of a period of 18 months. The stay period can also be specified on the visa grant letter but it cannot be more than 12 months.

Australian subclass visa 600 is a visa that entitles an applicant a stay of up to 12 months in Australia with which they can visit any family or friend residing in Australia. The individual cannot work on this visa in Australia.

The Australian visitor visa 600 requires the applicant to have appropriate health cover insurance from a registered Australian health insurance provider. The visitor should have genuine intentions to be a temporary visitor in Australia. With this visa, the applicant cannot work in Australia, unless it is a voluntary work.

The visitor visa Australia costs from AUD355 for each applicant and also the additional cost of health checks, bio-metrics, police and certificates has to be borne by the applicant. The cost may also require an additional subsequent temporary application charge.

The Australian visitor visa 600 can be applied by eligible individual from within Australia. If the applicant has applied while in Australia, then he/she must have to be present in Australia at the time of decision making for visa grant. You can seek further help from our migration agent to check your visa access eligibility.

The visitor visa subclass 600 cannot be extended. The applicant needs to apply for a new visa in case validity of the visitor visa 600 expires.

The tourist visa 600 Australia takes a processing time of 16 days for 75% of applications and 26 days for 90% of applications.

Yes, you may apply for visitor visa Australia while in Australia but you have to be present in Australia at the time of making decision for the visa grant.

Visitor Visa subclass 600:
The visitor visa subclass 600 is a visa type that allows an individual a visit to Australia to a friend or family for a maximum of up to months. The visa may allow an individual multiple entries to Australia if their visa grant letter mentions so.

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