Working Holiday Visa

If you desire for a holiday in Australia and also wish to work while your stay in the country then you can apply for the Working Holiday Visa. This visa entitles you to live in Australia for 12 months. Besides enjoying a holiday in the country, you can also get employed in an Australian company to enhance your skills and career.


Working Holiday Visa is available for individuals between 18-31 years of age. This visa is designed to boost the cultural relationship between Australia and eligible countries.


With this visa you can stay in Australia for maximum of 1 year and can work for two different companies. You cannot work with single employer for more than six months.


In order to get the Working Holiday Visa, grant you must satisfy certain visa requirements such as health and character. You also must hold a valid visa from an eligible nation to apply for the Working Holiday Visa Australia.

Working Holiday Visa Categories:
Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417

A young individual can apply for the 417 Working Holiday Visa Australia if he is at least 18 years but not hasn’t reached 31 years of age yet and want to work while holidaying in Australia.


The Subclass 417 Visa lets you stay in Australia for up to 12 months and also work, study for up to four months and work generally, for until six months with every employer. You may also leave and return to this country as much as you want as long as the visa is valid.


You can be eligible to get this visa if you provide the necessary documents to prove your claims as mentioned in your application and have a proof of financial amount to support yourself during the stay and to purchase a return ticket to home country.


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