Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa Subclass 476

Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa Subclass 476

The Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa Subclass 476 is a temporary visa that is purposely meant for the recent graduates of engineering who wish to live, study or work further in Australia. This visa subclass allows a total stay of up to18 months in Australia. When the applicant wants to apply for this visa he/ she must have attained a graduate degree or a higher qualification in a specified institution during the last 2 years. The applicant must be less than 31 years in age to be able to apply for this visa subclass.

The Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa cannot be extended. In case, where the applicant wants to extend the stay in Australia, another visa must be applied. The applicant is required to successfully satisfy all the eligibility points for successful rant of the visa. To understand the various prevailing criteria for the subclass 476 visa, consulting a Migration Agent Adelaide is the best decision. You may even be able to get your visa approval in the very first attempt and enjoy working in Australia with the skills and acquired knowledge.

Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa Subclass 476

476 Visa Australia Eligibility Criteria

The 476 Visa Australia Eligibility Criteria are the basic points that should necessarily be satisfied by the applicant if he/she is interested in the visa approval and enjoy working in Australia. The defined points are:

  • The applicant must have attained qualification equivalent to engineering degree or a higher one from a specified institution that is accredited under the Washington Accord.
  • The applicant while applying must be less than 31 years in age.
  • While applying for the Skilled recognised graduate visa, the applicant must not have been a prior primary holder of of visa subclass 485 or subclass 476.
  • Must have a passport from the United States of America, New Zealand, Canada, Republic of Ireland or United Kingdom or have achieved required level of English language proficiency.

Australian 476 Visa Requirements

The Australian 476 Visa requirements must be taken care of while one considers approval of the Skilled recognised Graduate visa. These requirements are essential to be attained if the applicant wants to enjoy a stay in Australia under this visa and work for up to 18 months. These are:

  • The applicant must successfully satisfy the health requirements required by the Australian policy.
  • The applicant along with all the members of the family unit must satisfy the character requirement as per the Australian framework and policy.
  • Must comply with the required level of English language
  • The applicant should not have any due debts from the Australian Government.
  • The Australian value statement is required to be necessarily signed by the applicant stating that he/she will respect the Australian way of life and obey all the rules applicable to them.
  • Must not have a previous visa application or visa canceled or refused.

Skilled Recognised Graduate Subclass 476 Visa Checklist

There should be a consideration for a Skilled Recognised Graduate Subclass 476 Visa Checklist before applying for the visa so that no requirement is missed and a chance for visa approval is ruined. The checklist consists of the following points:

  • The applicant cannot be more than 31 years of age.
  • While applying for the subclass 476 Visa Australia, the applicant must have attained a degree or graduate qualification equivalent to engineering or higher from a specified institution within the last 2 years.
  • The applicant must not have been a primary holder of a visa subclass 476 or subclass 485.
  • The health and character requirements are the must to be attained successfully by the applicant in accordance with the Australian visa framework.
  • The applicant should have a passport from USA, UK, New Zealand, Canada, or Republic of Ireland or be able to satisfy the required level of English Language skills.
  • The applicant is required to sign the Australian value statement while making the visa application.
  • There should be no outstanding amount under the name of the applicant or any family member from the Australian Government.

What visa Subclass 476 allows you to do in Australia?

The visa subclass 476 being a temporary skilled visa provides the applicants with some privileges that are mentioned below:

  • The subclass 476 visa Australia allows an individual with a maximum stay of up to 18 months in Australia.
  • With this visa the applicant will be allowed to work, travel or even study further in Australia for a maximum of 8 months.
  • This visa subclass also allows the applicant to add members of their family unit with themselves in their visa application.
  • This visa subclass can be applied from in or outside Australia.

These are some of the basic entitlements provided to all the holders of a visa subclass 476 visa Australia. You may also get in touch with the Migration Agent Adelaide to know more about the visa information and details.

Subclass 476 visa Processing Time

The Subclass 476 visa Processing time as provided by the Department of Home Affairs is an average time consumed for the processing of the most of the general case visas. The estimated time frame as provided by the Home Affairs is:

75% applications processed in15 months
90% applications processed in17 months

The visa processing may take longer if the applicant fails to fill the form correctly or respond to the additional requirement of department in the prescribed time frame.

General FAQs for Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa Subclass 476

The Subclass 476 Visa Australia can be applied from in or outside Australia. The applicant is required not to be in immigration clearance while the decision is being made on their visa grant.

The 476 visa requires an applicant to either be a citizen of USA, Canada, New Zealand, UK or Republic of Ireland or satisfy the required English language requirement which is as follow:

Occupational English Test (OET)The applicant must score at least B in all the 4 parts.
Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic)The applicant must achieve at least 36 points in each part with an overall score of minimum 50 points.
Cambridge C1 Advanced testThere should be an overall score of at least 169 with at least 154 points in each 4 components.
Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-based Test (TOEFL iBT)The applicant is required to achieve at least 14 points in writing and speaking each and a minimum of 4 points in reading and listening each with at least 64 points overall.
International English Language Testing System (IELTS)All the 4 parts with a minimum of 5 points with an overall of minimum 6 points should be achieved.

The Subclass 476 Visa is a temporary work visa which is totally dependent on an individual’s skills and knowledge and their performance in the interview for getting a job.

The skilled recognised graduate visa subclass 476 costs AUD 405 for the visa application.

An Australian visa 476 is a temporary visa that allows a maximum stay of 18 months in Australia. There is no chance of the visa extension and the individual may be able to apply for another visa.

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